Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Blogger grabs Actress Juliet Ibrahim's Butt...to confirm she's not wearing Butt pad

 For weeks now, there's been a raging debate whether Actress, Juliet Ibrahim wears booty pads. (Are they dating? she looks comfortable judging from the position of the blogger's hand, ha! haaaa)
Popular Ghanaian gossip blog, Ghanacelebrities.com sparked rumours of Juliet wearing butt pads in a post - published by the blog, that listed Juliet among actresses caught using body enhancer.

The actress has addressed speculation that she wears butt pads during a lunch she had with the blog owner today in London. Just to clear the blogger's doubt, Juliet allowed the blogger to reach down to get a good grip on her behind. Well, the blogger couldn't resist taking a handful of Juliet's booty in his hands.

I'm sure that most guys seeing this wished they could be the blogger at that point in time.


  1. don't understand, so? what if she is wearing one, does the blogger have to touch it?

  2. I guess she was on set, probably acting not real. I don't think she will allow the blogger to grab her ass.